Summer Season Pass Adult

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Product Terms and Conditions


Refund Policy:

Season Passes* = All BMRI Season Pass purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstance. Passes valid only through last day of season purchased. Other restrictions may apply.

Legal Waiver:


As a condition of being permitted to use the facilities of the area, the PURCHASER/USER of this ticket/product understands that skiing, snowboarding, tubing, mountain biking and hiking can be hazardous and accepts and assumes the inherent risks of skiing, snowboarding, tubing, mountain biking and hiking, including but not limited to: variations in snow, ice, terrain, along with bare spots, bumps, moguls, stumps, forest growth, rocks and debris, lift towers, snowmaking and snowgrooming equipment, snowmobiles, 4-wheelers and other hazards or obstacles in existence through the area, including USERS’S own conduct and the conduct of other skiers, snowboarders, tubers, mountain bikers and hikers.  Be aware that all trail and tubing run conditions change constantly due to weather changes and skier, snowboarder, tuber, mountain biker, and hiker use.  Be aware that during winter operations snowmaking and snowgrooming may be in progress at anytime.  Always ski, snowboard, tube, mountain bike, and hike in control and stay clear of all equipment. In using this ticket while skiing, snowboarding, tubing, mountain biking and hiking at the area, USER recognizes that certain dangers may exist whether they are marked or unmarked. The USER realizes that falls and collisions do occur and injuries may result, and therefore assumes all the risk of injuries, and loss of or damage to property, and the burden of skiing, snowboarding, tubing, mountain biking, and hiking under control at all times.  Management is not responsible for ticket if lost and reserves the right to revoke this ticket without refund. If USER commits any act on the premises that endangers the safety of their self or other persons, then this ticket may be revoked without refund.  This ticket is void if seal or wicket is broken and must be visible and attached to the pants, or for mountain biking, on the bike itself.

  Yes I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this product sale.
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