Have your kids enjoy Spring Break with fun on the snow with our great pros! These camps are geared towards children 3- 12 years of age, for any level of skier or snowboarder. With fun games, friendly faces and lots of laughs – we aim to provide a positive skiing experience.

Snowboarder must be atleast 8 years of age.

10:00am, Starting March 25th 
13 Available
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Select a Level?
Level 1 - Never Skied or Snowboarded Before
Level 2 -Been Once or Twice
  • Familiar with sliding.
  • Familiar with equipment use.
  • Familiar with Magic Carpet lift.
Level 3 - Can Stop and Turn on Magic Carpet
  • Confident stopping on beginner terrain.
  • Confident turning on beginner terrain.
  • Confident use of Magic Carpet.
Level 4 - Confident on Green Terrain
  • Can stop in a snowplow on green terrain.
  • Can turn confidently in a snowplow on green terrain.
  • Familiar with use of chairlifts.
Level 5 - Confident on Blue Terrain
  • Comfortable turning and stopping on blue terrain.
  • Can parallel turn on green terrain.
  • Can hockey stop on green terrain.
  • Familiar with use of all types of lifts.
Level 6 - Confident on Black Terrain
  • Comfortable turning and stopping on black terrain.
  • Can parallel turn on blue terrain.
  • Comfortable in trees & bumps on blue terrain.
  • Can hockey stop on blue terrain.
Level 7 - Confident Anywhere on the Mountain
  • Can ski double black diamond terrain.
  • Parallel turns and hockey stops on Black terrain.
  • Comfortable in bumps on black terrain.
  • Comfortable in tighter tree runs, on black terrain.
Allergies or Medical Issues
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Spring Break Program

Full rental equipment (ski/board, boots, poles & helmet) on the day of the program

Purchase $30.00
1 Hour Daycare
Purchase $40.00
3 Days Lift Ticket (ages 6+)
Purchase $45.00
3 Days Rental

Product Terms and Conditions


There will be no refunds within 7 days of the start date of any program.

Helmets are mandatory for all youth lessons

Season passes can be picked up anytime once the season starts and must be worn at all times during classes.

Please refer to the ability level chart found on our website & registration forms in order to determine your child’s ability level. They will be placed in groups determined bytheir ability, and matched by age as best as possible.

*Please note if needed, Norquay instructors will move groups/children around based on an actual assessment during the beginning of
the programs. Friends can be together only if they are of a similar ability level. Please make any grouping requests on your registration form or by email along
with your reasoning.

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