Dartmouth Benefit Eligible Employee Special

ATTENTION: If you are purchasing Dartmouth Employee passes, the purchasers name must be that of the Employee for verification.


$99 season ski passes for benefits eligible employees!


Purchase On-line by October 9


Once again, the Dartmouth Skiway is pleased to offer $99 season passes for all benefits eligible faculty and staff employees of Dartmouth College. A discounted season pass rate of $199 is also available for immediate family members and partners of benefited employees. These special rates are available September 1 – October 9, so purchase your season pass soon at http://skiway.dartmouth.edu/.


In fact, discounted passes are available to everyone who purchases a season pass by October 9. Check out the rates on the Skiway website. Please use the employees’ name and Dart ID when purchasing any of the College Employee discounted passes. 


Tax implications of the $99 passes

The $99 ski passes are a terrific deal. In fact, they are such a great deal that – because the discounted price is greater than 20% of the price offered to the general public – the IRS considers the savings a ‘benefit of employment’, and therefore, a taxable event. If interested, related IRS documentation is on page 10 at https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-prior/p15b--2017.pdf.


Here’s how it works

The amount of the additional taxable income is equal to the value of the employee discount ($300 in the calculation below) less the maximum IRS allowable discount before triggering a taxable event (20% of the cost of a season pass at the regular rate of $399).


Taxable Income Calculation:



Employees who take advantage of this special rate will see a one-time adjustment to their taxable income, and an automatic deduction of the applicable tax withholdings (federal – FIT, Social Security, & Medicare – and state tax withholdings) from their pay check. The deduction will be taken from employees’ payroll on November 1st for monthly-paid employees, or in the November 17 pay period for bi-weekly paid employees.  Please contact Dartmouth’s Payroll Office with any questions about the tax implications on your pay.


Enjoy the winter at the Skiway

Dartmouth Skiway offers a fun, family-friendly setting with 100 ski-able acres spread over two mountains and enough terrain variety for any ski or snowboarding enthusiast. No matter what your skiing style, the Skiway has something fun for everyone.