iSalesSite is a powerful Hosted CRM and e-commerce platform

Manage Your Site
Ticket Sales


Provide your customer with an easy to use and customize ecommerce site. Limit sales by resource and day. Purchase tickets on-line and get your tickets via kiosk on location or a ticket window with direct barcode lookup and printing. Scan your tickets for usage and fulfillment.

Pass Sales

Sales(with Photo)/Fulfillment/Reloading/Scanning

ecommerce site option to upload pass photo. Limit sales by resource and day. Provide fulfillment delivery of passes. Activate you pass by purchasing specific days etc.. Scan pass for usage and reporting.

Instruction/Class Sales

Sell/Fulfill/Integration with 3rd party systems

Sell lessons and student information. Limit sales by resource and day. Fulfill easily and record usage to 3rd party systems.


Sales/Fulfill/Scan Equipment In/Out Charge if late or lost

Sell Rental items. Serialized (Unique barcoded) Out and Rapid return. Keep link to payment information in to charge for late or lost equipment.