Freeride Team - Snowboard (ages 7-16)

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  • Beginner Runs (Claim Jumper, Sapphire)
  • Intermediate (Berkely, Winning Ridge)
  • Advanced (Sluice Box, Center Stage)
  • Expert (Motherlode, Christmas Park)
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Product Terms and Conditions


General Information & Agreements


Skiers\racers planning to participate in USSA races require a USSA membership -- (

A helmet is required -- for those planning to attend USSA races, helmets need hard-covered ears.

No iPods or other listening devices while skiing.

Coaches will determine the proper group for your child* The Discovery Ski Team reserves the right to approve the child for participation and make proper placement of the child within their respective program based on skill level, development, and maturity. This may mean some participants will be placed in groups different from siblings or friends.

Legal Waiver of Liability* I hereby consent to my child’s participation on the Discovery Ski Team (ESP, Learn to Race, or Race Team). I release the Discovery Ski Club and the Discovery Ski Area from any liability resulting from my child’s membership, travel, and/or participation on the Discovery Ski Team.

Use of Team Property* I agree to clean and return my child’s ski team jacket at the end of the season. I understand that I am responsible for the cost of the jacket ($150) if lost, damaged, or not returned.

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